Painting after COVID 19

We’re sure that during the pandemic many of you got up to a lot of home DIYs, but now with greater optimism for the year ahead the future beyond, there’s no reason to stop! It’s always a good time to bring some welcome changes, whether once every so often or each new season if you like. Here are some tips to help transform you home into a tranquil oasis for you or a new hangout spot for all the friends and family you haven’t seen in a while!
Paint is by far the easiest tried-and-true way of sprucing up a room and changing the feel of a space. Luckily for you, Meta Painting Contractors specializes in all types of paint jobs using a team of highly qualified professionals that are sure to leave any of your new guests astonished. Choose from a variety of colors this year. An off-white color will serve to brighten any space and provide an easy canvas for fun plays of accents and texture. For those going for a more easy-going minimalist look, pair this shade with some different cream accents in couches and pillows to add a cozy and layered feeling while keeping everything light and airy. To keep with a more Scandinavian feel add light wood elements in furniture, or for something a bit more Mediterranean opt for darker and heavier wood elements and wrought iron complements.

This year is all about reconnecting, with friends and with nature, so for those wanting a change from the classic white, it’s a great time to experiment with earth tones. A trend that started during the early days of the pandemic don’t be afraid to get colorful and creative. It can be a bit intimidating but a great way to start is with muted and pastel colors to ensure a calm space. For the base choose among shades of olive, forest, mint, pine, or pistachio green. The color of rebirth, progress, and prosperity, not to mention nature (something which we can all use a bit more of after the last two years) this is a great start for those looking for a new beginning. Another choice, for those trend-seekers, is blue! Voted Pantone’s “Color of the Year” Blue, particularly Periwinkle Blue, is sure to make a splash these upcoming seasons. Along with lighter shades like slate and darker shades of spruce or denim, Blue is a great addition to create tranquil spaces in bedrooms or an understated mark in a living room or kitchen and will leave you as the most fashionable neighbor on the block!

Also, another popular trend that will continue for the foreseeable future, is the use of the color yellow. This bright and cheery hue is likely to be the talk of old friends and family who come to visit. Always a great idea in bedroom, the shade stands out with light wood elements and white accents. It is a sure-fire way to brighten everyone’s mood. It is also a great way to add some sunshine to dark rooms in the use of décor such as vases, throws, and books, for those looking to bring just a bit of the sun’s rays indoors.

What is also fantastic about all these colors is the endless possibilities of mixing and matching. Terracotta and sandy colors look great against a muted green, while blues, whites, and even dusty pinks look at home in a yellow room. The key takeaway is layering- building up the vibe of a space with textures and complementary colors will take your old pandemic hideaway into the pièce-de-résistance of any get together, and bring you calm and peace once those guests go home. Make this year the year of new beginnings with Meta Painting Contractors!

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