META Painting Contractors has two (2) major divisions. Our Residential Custom Contractors Division and our Painting Division specialized in Industrial, Commercial, HOA and luxury estates painting. With a team of full-time customer care, project management and trade professionals with decades of experience in local and overseas projects. We have different divisions, one that handles our Industrial and Commercial Services and the other handles our Custom-built Homes, Luxury Estates and Smart Green Home and Buildings.

We ensure that everyone in the team is highly trained and follow the strictest processes in the field. We are all passionate about WHAT we do and HOW we do it. That is why honesty is one of our 3 main core values as well as delivering our quality product on-time on the day that we have previously agreed upon with our clients.

All our work and processes are OSHA compliant.

When you work with META Painting Contractors:

  • You will receive your work on time
  • You will receive the best quality in the products we use as well as the ending results
  • You will receive the best of a team that is honest and passionate about the work we do

We want to work with you and for you! After our first job is done you will better understand that everything, that we say we stand for. You will not regret working with an Honest, Passionate and Compliant company such as META Painting Contractors.


Mr. Michael Boatman

Brings a world of experience to the painting industry. With his leadership Mr. Boatman operates strict processes in our industry ensuring that all jobs are done with the highest quality, integrity, professionalism and technic following company values and ethics by honest and passionate people. At Meta we pride ourselves of always delivering the work on-time and with the highest quality production standards and by doing it right the first time.

Mr. Boatman is a bilingual and multicultural professional that oversees our work understanding the cultural similarities between his team as well as our different customers. By the way he envisions his company, work, team, clients and the world, he looks to enrich it everyday, because it is everyday that we can make a difference and impact in people’s Iives.



1015 Atlantic Blvd. # 498
Atlantic Beach FL 32233