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With the knowledge and experience in repairing and reapplying drywall finishes, at Meta Painting Contractors, we are ready to provide the best service with the best results.

When completing a paint job, making sure that the drywall is in perfect condition is the key to achieve the desired look. If you’re looking for specific designs for your community, we can create various finishes to achieve your desired look.


When painting a community, you want uniformity and quality.
At Meta Painting, we understand that a fresh coat of paint can give your condominium, apartment complex, or multi-family residences a whole new and unified look. We know how important this is to maintain or elevate the value of your properties.

With years of experience, our team of professional painters will work to give your Private Condominium the best service and the highest quality of interior and exterior painting. We have the knowledge and skills to produce superior results. We don’t just paint, we beautify your Private Condominium.

pressure washing

Pressure washing is a great way to increase the lifetime of exterior surfaces by removing mold, grime, dirt, and loose objects that can build up over time and decay buildings, driveways, decks,
and fences.

At Meta Painting Contractors, we count with the experience and knowledge needed to properly pressure wash your surfaces by using the right combination of chemicals and correct levels of pressure. Our team will wash away unwanted substances without harming your surfaces to ensure they are properly coated.

We are dedicated to give you the highest quality of service and help your Private Condominium maintain and elevate the value of its properties.

concrete repair

When concrete cracks and becomes uneven it can become a tripping hazard and can cause damages to your surfaces, making your properties look bad and lower their value. With Florida’s weather, it is very important to properly maintain and repair your concrete surfaces to prevent pooling water and further cracks.

Our team of experts have the tools and experience needed to seal and level concrete, and repair any cracks in sidewalks, driveways and many more, we will use the latest technology to give you the highest quality of concrete repair and increase the aesthetic appeal of your properties.

stucco painting

When servicing damaged, cracked, failing stucco, stucco that has been taking in water, we have to do moisture testing equipment to make sure we are accurate with our assessments. Through the removal process, inspection process, we are able to determine the level of the repair. We have to make sure that our seal and vapor barrier are holding up once we determine and we are able to either replace, patch, resurface the stucco area, we go through a process of making sure that alkaline levels are optimal for us to start the application of the correct coating system for our project. Water proofing, water sealing or just as simple as a acrylic coat of paint, it is the last part of our service when the conditions are right.

wallpaper removal

Old and damaged wallpaper can hinder the look of your HOA properties and the longevity of your surfaces. Removing wallpaper can be time-consuming and when not done correctly it can damage the drywall and affect the look of freshly laid paint. It is important to understand the adhesives and techniques used when laying wallpaper in order to give your walls a fresh look.

With the proper tools and processes, Meta Painting Contractors is ready to remove wallpaper, regardless of its state, With s less damage to your walls as possible to your walls. We will provide the highest quality of service and the best results in all your wallpaper projects.

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